Workshops and Conferences

The Hygiene Centre hosts conferences and workshops for academics, NGO's, corporate and other institutions. Some of these are open to all interested parties, others may be by invitation only. Hygiene Centre staff also participate in international events and run training workshops for overseas agencies and government departments.

For information on activities taking place in the next twelve months please go to our forthcoming events page.

A regular event is the Emergency Environmental Health Forum which is run on behalf of the main NGO's and UN agencies working in implementing water, sanitation and hygiene promotion programmes in emergencies. Other participants are institutions who are involved in research and development in this sector. programmes have been organised with the assistance of Kristof Bostoen, Rebecca Collins, Lucy Smith, Eileen Chappell and Caroline Hunt.

Evolution and Medicine Workshop

Val Curtis and Bob Aunger for the Hygiene Centre were co-sponsors with the Centre for Ecology and Evolution in organising the Evolution and Medicine Workshop run at the Institute of Zoology, London on 3rd November 2004.

Please see the our projects page for further information.

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