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I have a background in Psychology, Biological Anthropology and Health Promotion. Before joining LSHTM I worked for the NHS on a school-based, mental health promotion project, and then as a research fellow in the Health Behaviour Unit at University College London. My current interests are in household environmental health.


Household environmental health.


Smoke and malaria:are interventions to reduce exposure to indoor air pollution likely to increase exposure to mosquitoes? Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg Nov;101(11):1065-71Biran A, Smith L, Lines J, Ensink, J and Cameron M (2007).

- Comparing the Performance of Indicators of Hand-Washing Practices in Rural Indian Households. Trop Med Int Hlth. 13 (2):278-285 Biran A, Rabie T, Schmidt W, Juvekar S, Hirve S, and Curtis V (2008).

- Formative research for hygiene promotion in Kyrgyzstan. Health Policy and Planning 2005 20 (4) 213-221 Biran A, Tabyshalieva A and Salmorbekova Z,

- Families and firewood: the costs and benefits of children in firewood collection and use in two rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Human Ecology 32 (1): 1-25.
Biran, A., Abbot, J., and Mace, R. (2004)

Hygiene in the home: relating bugs to behaviour. Social Science and Medicine 57: 657-672. Curtis, V.A. & Biran, A. (2003)

Psychological Impact of Colorectal Cancer Screening. Health Psychology 22 (1) 54-59. Wardle, J., Williamson, S., Sutton, S., Biran, A. et al (2003)

Dirt, disgust and disease: is hygiene in our genes? Perspectives in Biology and Medicine. 44 (1): 17-31. Curtis, V.A. & Biran, A. (2001)

What’s Cooking? A review of the health impacts of indoor air pollution and technical interventions for its reduction .WELL task 512 Budds, J., Biran, A., and Rouse, J.(2001)


Child Survival and Environmental Health

Indoor air pollution, cooking stoves and health

Hygiene Promotion: Evidence & Practice


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