Ghislaine Rosa BSc MSc PhD

Ghislaine Rosa - BSc MSc PhD

Research Assistant
Tel +44 20 7927 2686
Room 441
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Keppel Street
London WC1E 7HT


I graduated from BSc Biology with a Year in Europe from Imperial College London in 2006. Following my interest in infectious diseases and development, I completed the MSc Control of Infectious Diseases at the LSHTM in 2007. After finishing my MSc, I joined the school as a part-time research assistant, part-time research degree student.

I recently completed my PhD, which explored the differences between reported and actual household water treatment (HWT) practices in middle- and low-income countries.  

Teaching & Research

I am involved in teaching on the distance-learning module Water and Sanitation. 

I am interested in the design and implementation of impact evaluation studies as well as in monitoring and understanding compliance of environmental health interventions.

Current research includes the evaluation of a countrywide campaign promoting water filters and improved cook stoves in rural Rwanda and the design and implementation of a study to evaluate the effectiveness of two water filters at reducing arsenic in drinking water in West Bengal.


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